Sharing and lingering over images, displacing the gaze and usual places to imagine, through singular voices, other ways to respond and relate to films through the written word.

Since 2018, FestCurtasBH integrates the critique workshop Corpo Crítico [Critical Body] in its program, expanding the festival's collective construction of thought around the films and training character. The essays resulting from the workshop are published on the Festival website, where they are permanently available, constituting the beginning of a critical fortune about the short films screened at the Festival.

The first edition of Corpo Crítico, in 2018, was conducted by the film critic, researcher and curator Carol Almeida. Entitled "Displacing the gaze", the workshop sought to "develop a more attentive and active gaze towards films, as well as to understand what the definition of that gaze implies, both aesthetically and politically."

In 2019, Corpo Crítico was lectured by the film critic, researcher and curator Kênia Freitas, under the title "Cinema in perspective: reconfiguring critique", and set out "to think about film criticism based on multiple perspectives that instigate the consolidation of distinct gazes and the expansion of filmic and reading repertoires."

In 2020, once again lectured by Kênia Freitas, the workshop was titled "Critical displacements for an entangled cinema". Setting out as "a way of sharing experiments on film criticism" the theoretical-practical workshop followed the reflections of Denise Ferreira da Silva and her Black Feminist Poetics, in order to think "about cinema, films and film criticism as entangled parts of an entangled world."