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Linger together on the images, displace the gaze and the all too accustomed ways so as to imagine, through singular voices, other forms of responding and relating to films by means of the written word.

As of 2018 FestCurtasBH incorporates in its programming the critique workshop Corpo Crítico, expanding in this manner its training aspect as well as its potent collective thinking on film. The resulting texts are published in the Festival’s website, where they remain permanently available here (in Portuguese only), composing thus an initial critical fortune of the short films screened during the Festival.

The first edition of Corpo Crítico, during the 20th edition of the Festival, was conducted by critic and researcher Carol Almeida. With the title “Displacing the Gaze”, the workshop set out to “develop a more attentive and active gaze towards films, as well as to understand what the definition of that gaze implies, both aesthetically and politically”.

In 2019, Corpo Crítico was conducted by critic, researcher and curator Kênia Freitas, under the title "Cinema in Perspective: Reconfiguring Critique", with the proposal of "thinking about film criticism based on multiple perspectives that instigate the consolidation of distinct gazes and the expansion of filmic and reading repertoires".

Kênia Freitas returns to the Festival in 2020, holding the first online edition of Corpo Crítico - now open for the whole country. With the title "Critique Experimentations for a Committed Cinema", the workshop questions - in pandemic times - "If film criticism can be this endless conversation involving films, filmmakers and audiences, how does such criticism (re)position itself in film festivals at home?".

Still in the online environment, in 2021 it is the turn of the duo of critics and researchers Ingá and Fabio Rodrigues Filho to present a new proposal to Corpo Crítico. Entitled "Between the Policies of Friendship and the Essays of Betrayal", the duo poses the question "could film criticism be thought of from the notion of Friendship?".

In 2022, Ingá and Fabio Rodrigues Filho returned to Corpo Crítico, this time again in a fully face-to-face environment. With the title "A Brazier: 'Where a Wall Keeps Apart, a Bridge Unites'", Fabio and Ingá propose a workshop that "intends to experience criticism as a bridge and as a political scene, in a way that the format of the sessions will then trigger a variety of devices (text exegesis, strolls, interventions, etc.) by articulating the image-city-body-word relationship".

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