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23ºFestCurtasBH - Festival Internacional de Curtas de Belo Horizonte



Elom 20ce

The show is a journey in 3 stages : Spiritual, Intimacy and Politic. It remind us that, Human beings are worth than material things : AMEWUGA (in Ewe, a language from West Africa).

Amewuga is the latest studio album  by Togolese musician Elom 20ce, released in 2020.

During the 23rd FestCurtasBH, the artist participated in the Cosmopoetics of the (In)visible special section with the film "La Mémoire du Sang", part of the program curated by Wally Fall entitled "Bridges of light above raging seas".

voices: Elom 20ce  //  dj: Meth Killz  //  drums: Sym Sam

guests: Moonaya, Eve Crazy, Mc Mo  //  shooted and edited by: Edoh Adogli

show de encerramento :: Elom 20ce
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