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artist: Efe Godoy

curatorship: Matheus Antunes

period: October 14th to November 27th, 2022

venue: Espaço Mari'Stella Tristão - Palácio das Artes

Dreaming is a way of occupying. If, in a not too distant past, we were here in this space-time, conceiving and designing other ways of experiencing the universe around us—among ourselves and, also, together with those who see/read us—this year we reopen this same environment again, now with a new purpose:

To dream. A dream that manifests itself into a being. And which (or even when), in dialogue with you, who see us here, is no longer just a dream and becomes an invitation to fantasize.

To Dream Images of Transformation is part of the 24th FestCurtasBH program, featuring more than 140 works by Efe Godoy. This intense and extensive work is a collective invitation to dream and to reflect on this year's program, in all its various instances and expressions of the idea and desire to dream.

Dreaming with a purpose—and here we focus on the desire to transform ourselves, it is no longer just an oneiric experience, and becomes, inevitably, a commitment to transmutate. And it is within the collective that the dream becomes reality.

Matheus Antunes



Matheus Antunes

artistic directors and concept
Ana Siqueira

Bruno Hilário

Glaura Cardoso Vale

Matheus Antunes

Vitor Miranda


Alessandra Veloso

visual identity


Aruan Mattos

Yasmin Moura


Celma Albuquerque Galeria de Arte

setting staff

Henrique Assis (Celma Albuquerque)

Marlon Colar (Celma Albuquerque)

Thiago Assis (Celma Albuquerque)

Wilton Bernardino (GEAVI - Palácio das Artes)

special thanks 

Campo de Heliantos (Artistic Residence / Alter do Chão - Brazil), Dani Godoy, Daniel Ferreira, Fernanda Vidigal, Gabrielle Curi, Guilherme Gnomo, Pigmalião Escultura Que Mexe, Rato Alado Filmes, Regina Célis, Ruído Blanco (Artistic Residence / Puerto Iguazu - Argentina).

Efe Godoy is a myopic visual artist, transvestigenere, SHE/HER, who researches hybridism in its various languages (video, objects, drawing, painting, performance) with emphasis on recollections of childhood memories and spontaneous fabulations. She draws every day. At the age of 7, Efe Godoy received a palm reading that opened her eyes to realize that she would have a distinct artistic trajectory, since then she knew she would draw her own path outside her hometown of Sete Lagoas/MG. She currently lives and works in Belo Horizonte. She roamed around Guignard School UEMG and continues her education through residencies in Brazil and abroad. Some of these transformative experiences took place in recent years, such as: Pampulha Scholarship 2015/2016; the artist residency at EAC-Montevideo_UY in 2018; Adelina residency _SP, 2018; HEMIENCUENTRO residency _ INSTITUTO HEMISPHERIC NY UNIVERSITY, in Mexico City, 2019; and VERBO performance art show at Galeria Vermelho - SP. Recently, in 2022, she participated in the artist residency RUÍDO BLANCO—Puerto Iguazú—Argentina and the solo exhibition TO DREAM IMAGES OF TRANSFORMATION, at Espaço Mari'Stella Tristão, Palácio das Artes, Belo Horizonte/MG, as part of the artistic program of the 24th FestCurtasBH. Represented by Celma Albuquerque Gallery and nominated for the PIPA Prize/2022, she won the Mabri Prize artistic formats 2021—and SARP Prize—art salon of Ribeirão Preto in 2020. In a simple way, she tries to interfere in people's lives through social networks with the reverberation of the word “affection”.

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