by Ingá and Fabio Rodrigues Filho




A starting point: could film criticism be thought of from the notion of Friendship? If our time is marked by the desire for an enemy, by the fantasy of extermination, we propose four meetings to elaborate practices capable of betraying the assumption of authority that threatens the disobedient exercise of criticism. What would be a friendship policy with the works? Inspiring us, perhaps, where Friendship is an ethical and political challenge, generative and dissensual, proximity and distance.

A suggestion: We think that the notion of betrayal applied to criticism can revive the dialectic of belief and doubt concerning works - a method of learning, provocation, and placing oneself alongside works in danger. At the same time, the betrayal destabilizes a possible romanticism toward our starting point - the policy of Friendship. Unpredictable contact dance that far from trying to choreograph, we will allow ourselves to rehearse together in dialogue. In this workshop, we intend to exercise ways to reverberate, discuss and think about the FestCurtasBH 2021 programming throughout four meetings of 2h/each, permeated by correspondence practices, diaries, collective texts, essays, debate reports and unpredictable ways of talking.

Ingá is the editor of Cinética magazine, where she has dedicated herself to investigating other formats of criticism such as collective writing and video essays. She covered the festivals Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, Fronteira Festival do Filme Experimental and Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes. He has facilitated video workshops in the projects Fazer o mundo, Fazendo o vídeo, Inventar com a Diferença, Vídeo nas Aldeias, and Festival do Filme Anarquista da Kasa Invisível. She held critique workshops in partnership with CachoeiraDoc and IMS/Cinética. She programmed film club sessions in partnership with the Catucá collective and was part of the selection committee for short films in the XII Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife. She was born in Olinda (PE), is part of the education brigade of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras Sem-Teto (MTST) (Homeless Workers’ Movemen), and is studying for a degree in cinema and video at UFF.

Fabio Rodrigues Filho works in film criticism, programming, research, and directing. He is currently working on his master's degree in communication at UFMG, and graduated in the same field at UFRB. He has participated in selection committees for festivals, exhibitions and laboratories, such as FestCurtas BH (2019 - 2020), Diaspora Lab (2018) and the IX CachoeiraDoc (2020), a festival which he has been contributing over the past years. He is a member of the research groups Poetics of Experience and Africas in the Arts. He collaborates with texts in sites, magazines, and several publications, such as the Cinética Magazine and the personal blog Tocar o Cinema. He is also a poster artist and film club member.