by Kênia Freitas


How does one think about the work of critique amidst the health, economic and political crises shattering us? How does one take part in meetings and share thoughts through the multiple screens both connecting and framing us? If film criticism can be this endless conversation involving films, filmmakers and audiences, how does such criticism (re)position itself in film festivals at home? These are questions that we propose as shared concerns for the Critical Body (online) meetings during the FestCurtasBH 2020.

Facing the wide open uncertainties and precariousness brought about pandemically, we propose this theoretical-practical workshop as a way of sharing experiments on film criticism. We follow Denise Ferreira da Silva›s thoughts and her Black Feminist Poetics in order to think about cinema, films and film criticism as entangled parts of an entangled world. A world in which everything is permanently connected, and from which images and cinema are never disconnected. Therefore, this year›s Critical Body theoretical-practical meetings invite workshop participants to develop film criticism experiments entangled with and that entangle this year›s FestCurtasBH programming.

Kênia Freitas is a film critic and curator, who researches Afrofuturism and Black Cinema. She did post-doctoral internships (CAPES/PNPD) at graduate programs in Communication at UCB (2015-2018) and Unesp (2018-2020). She holds a PhD from the School of Communication of UFRJ, in the field of Communication Technologies and Aesthetics (2015). She curated the film exhibitions “Afrofuturismo: cinema e música em uma diáspora intergaláctica”, “A Magia da Mulher Negra” and “Diretoras Negras no Cinema brasileiro”. She is a film critic for the Multiplot! website and conducts courses and workshops on Black cinema, afrofuturism and fabulations