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by Carol Almeida


Dates: August 14th to 17th, 2018

Time: 10:00am to 12:30pm

Venue: CEFART - Palácio das Artes

Workload: 10 hours

Attendees: 8



The construction of cinema as an art form and language has always been connected to critical thinking, which has legitimized the premisses and frontiers of what was to become cinema itself – and, right behind, the definitions of what would be considered “more cinema” than “other cinemas”. Considering film criticism today as a place that can and must discuss the subjective arrangements traditionally used as grounds for critical writing, this workshop seeks to develop a more attentive and active gaze towards films, as well as to understand what the definition of that gaze implies, both aesthetically and politically. In four encounters filled with debates and exchanges, we will work topics such as the presumed universality of film criticism, representation and representativeness, hybrid aesthetics, abject/ intolerant images, dominated imaginaries and the conventional model of what critical writing is supposed to be. The workshop proposes that the participants write their own critical texts, focusing on the films in the Festival’s programmes. These texts will be published on the Festival’s website, giving the short-films a great sum of critical writing.


Carol Almeida is a PhD student in the Programa de Pós-graduação em Comunicação at UFPE with a research focused on contemporary Brazilian cinema. She is a member of Elviras (Mulheres Críticas de Cinema - Women Film Critics), Abraccine (Associação Brasileira de Críticos de Cinema - Brazilian Association of Film Critics) and of Mape (Mulheres no Audiovisual Pernambuco - Pernambuco Women in Audiovisual). She has been part of the jury of many festivals, such as Tiradentes, Mostra de São Paulo, Janela de Cinema and Animage. She is one of the curators of Olhar de Cinema Film Festival (Curitiba), and often teaches workshops on female representativeness in cinema and writes about this art form on the blog Fora de Quadro.

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