23ºFestCurtasBH - Festival Internacional de Curtas de Belo Horizonte



For creating an escape is not being put to run. On the contrary,

it is to put the real to flight, to operate endless variations on it in

order to circumvent any capture attempt.¹

Due to its vertiginous course, the liana embodies the power to "cross"

and be fed by what it crosses (and vice versa).²

Dénètem Touam Bona


FestCurtasBH reaches its 23rd edition, unfolding itself between its virtual dwelling, cineHumbertoMauro/Mais, and its original home, Cine Humberto Mauro and other locations at Palácio das Artes. A return that is as exultant as it is cautious, in a health context that still requires mutual attention and care. Returning to its place of origin and constitution is also, and mainly, to rediscover, face to face, its audience, the material and symbolic space of the movie theater, where time is suspended and a provisional community is formed, with unforeseen outcomes. If the individual screens allowed us to maintain personal, professional, educational relationships, and if a certain cinema experience persisted despite the pandemic restrictions – and will continue to allow the approximation of sometimes unavoidable distances –, returning to the collective experience of cinema also reaffirms the incomparable strength of being together, in presence.

And to celebrate this horizon that is opening up, the 23rd FestCurtasBH presents a program, as always invented by many hands, which is anchored in the present, attentive to historical experiences and the paths under construction in the future. The always demanding and surprising programming work was carried out with inspired and unfailing dedication by the selection committees, as well as by the curators invited to participate in the Cosmopoetics of the (in)visible section: Anti Ribeiro, Tatiana Carvalho Costa and Wally Fall. Born from the encounter with the thought of the philosopher Dénètem Touam Bona, the show Cosmopoetics of the (in)visible vibrated its proposal throughout the 23FestCurtasBH. With the always generous collaboration of Touam Bona, the show features films, translated or unpublished essays, debates, masterclass, round table, a concert by the Togolese rapper and filmmaker Elom 20ce – recorded in Senegal especially for FestCurtasBH – , picture book and exhibition of visual arts, radiating the strength of the issues raised by the philosopher in different aspects of this edition. The critique workshop reached its fourth edition, this time with Ingá Maria Patriota and Fabio Rodrigues Filho, who brought the beautiful proposal named "Between politics of friendship and essays on betrayal", contributing to a critical training that does not rest unbothered in the usual places, opening up as a field of formal and political invention, and producing a valuable critical fortune related to the Festival's programming. 

May we, while responding to and resisting the challenges of the present, learn from the liana, as thought by Touam Bona, in our relationship with cinema and with the world (from which the former is inseparable) "in its practices of alliance and solidarity, as well as the processes of hybridization and creative improvisation". Without forgetting, as he reminds us, that the creation of bonds "is only a source of freedom if we are also capable of secession, as there are equally toxic bonds". May we learn from the wisdom of the liana,³ which "in its vertiginous course embodies the power to cross and be fed by what is traversed (and vice versa)"

Ana Siqueira, Bruno Hilário e Matheus Antunes

Head of FestCurtasBH


[1] Cf. Cosmopoéticas do refúgio, de Dénètem Touam Bona (2020, p. 47; our own translation).

[2] Cf.  Sagesse des lianes, de Dénètem Touam Bona, post-éditions (2021, p. 57; our own translation).

[3] Sagesse des lianes [Wisdom of the lianas] is the title of the latest and recently released book, in France, by Dénètem Touam Bona, from which the quotations were drawn.