Bruno Galindo is a 25-year-old film critic, as well as a curator and screenwriter. Currently studying Image and Sound at UFSCar. As a film critic, he participated in the 9th Janela Crítica workshop, in the 2019 Talent Press Rio and in several film criticism coverages for Cinefestivais and the Sessão Aberta blog (Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, 7th Olhar de Cinema and 13th CineOP). He worked in the films Luazul and Border. As a curator, he participated in the selection committee of Kinoforum (São Paulo International Short Film Festival), organized the curatorial project “Serei porque Fomos" for Vila das Artes in Fortaleza and the "Black Aesthetics" exhibition for the 8th Festival Estéticas das Periferias.

Izabel Fátima Cruz Melo is a researcher and professor. PhD in Media and Audiovisual Processes from ECA-USP, professor at the Bahia State University (UNEB) where she coordinates the research and extension project “Cinema e História: campos em diálogo”. She is the author of Cinema é mais que um filme: uma história das Jornadas de Cinema da Bahia (1972-1978) (2016) and of other publications in books and magazines. She also collaborates with festivals, participating in curatorships and juries.


Rita Vênus is a visual arts and cinema curator. She was a curator of the national Short Film Competition at the XI and XII Festival Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife. She has also served as an assistant curator for the Belojardim Residency, an artistic residency program in the countryside of Pernambuco. On Saturdays, she is a cartomancer.


BRAZIL COMPETITION                  


Ela Bittencourt is a writer, film critic and curator. She writes about art, cinema and literature for magazines such as Artforum, Film Comment and Sight & Sound and is a member of the selection boards for É Tudo Verdade and Giornate degli Autori / Venice Days.


Gabriel Martins was born in Belo Horizonte and lives in the outskirts of Contagem. He graduated at Escola Livre de Cinema/BH and earned his bachelor's degree in Social Communication with a major in Cinema and Video from UNA University Center, in 2010. He is a founding partner of the production company Filmes de Plástico, alongside André Novais Oliveira, Maurílio Martins and Thiago Macêdo Correia. Among his main projects as a film director are the short films Rapsódia para Homem Negro, NADA and the feature film No Coração do Mundo (co-directed with Maurilio Martins).


Lynne Sachs “has always eluded easy labeling. She focuses on capturing gestures, inches of skin, fragments of conversations, casual moments in time, personal memorabilia, and weaving them into unexpected patterns. She sublimes the personal into the theatrical and embraces variegated renditions of filmic language, recording the world, digesting it, and offering it to viewers in its performative beauty.” (adapted by the artist from a text by Serena Scateni in Hyperallergic, July 13, 2020).



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Bea Gerolin is a filmmaker, production designer, curator and works as the artistic director of Griot – Festival de Cinema Negro Brasileiro, held in Curitiba since 2018. She researches black women's self-portrait and representation in contemporary Brazilian cinema. She directed the documentary short film Ferradura (2017), worked as costume designer for Um dia com Jerusa (Viviane Ferreira, 2019), production designer for the short film Tentei (Laís Melo, 2017), awarded as the best film at the Brasília Film Festival (2017), and production designer for the feature film Alice Junior (Gil Baroni, 2020), among others.


João Campos is a film critic and researcher. He earned his master's degree in Anthropology at USP where he currently is a PhD student. He contributed for cinema magazine Rocinante (MG) and worked as a programmer of the cinefronteira cinema club collective (MG). He currently works as editor for Zagaia em Revista (SP) and is part of the cinecubo IAB-SP group of programmers, in addition to participating in juries and curatorship committees in Brazilian film festivals.


Layla Braz holds a bachelor’s degree in Film and Audiovisual at UNA University Center. She’s a producer at Filmes de Quintal association and has worked on the forumdoc.bh organization and production team since 2014. She was a curator of the Brazilian Contemporary showcase at forumdoc.bh (2018 and 2019). She was a producer of the Arab Women Filmmakers film series that took place at CCBB in 2019. She participated in the curatorship of the 2019 FestCurtasBH Brazilian and Minas Competitions. She was responsible for the artistic production of CURA - Circuito de Arte Urbana in 2020. She is the creator of Belo Horizonte's Black Cinema Week as well as of “Mulheres Negras e Cinema – knowing the present and inventing the future”, projects which will take place in 2021.